Lighting Hire

From ambient, event lighting to stage lighting and disco lighting we can help you set the right tone and make your event stand out from your competitors.

Event Lighting:

Create the right atmosphere for your event with uplighters to suit the theme you are looking for.

Stage Lighting:

We have a large selection of par cans to movers and smoke machines to suit all levels of production.

Disco Lighting:

We stock a wide selection of disco lights and portable smoke machines to cater to parties and DJ events.

Equipment we use:

Talk to one of our technicians today to discuss your event and we will ensure you get the best solution for your budget.

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Customer Testimonials

St. Patrick's Festival
Its always a pleasure to work with the team from session hire. They consistantly deliver an expert service from intimate projects to large scale public events.
UCD Ents
Their customer service is excellent and their pricing is as competitive as it gets. I would highly recommend Session Hire to anyone in the event industry.